Just in! Ito Yarns!!!

Just in Ito Yarns!!


While traveling to New Mexico with my husband for a short break, we met the US distribitors of ITO yarns. Yes, still working on vacation... I instantly fell in love!  The fibers are amazing. The colors are rich and bright and I just loved the process of how they blended them, a must have to your yarn collection. Knit or Crochet on their own or carried along with another yarn, you will fall in love as I did, making for a truely unique end result.  

ITO is the Japanese word for yarn or thread. ITO – Fine Yarn from Japan are special yarns, produced in Japan, a country with a long tradition in textiles. These yarns are unique, due to their special production processes and their specific composition of materials and colors; Silks, Paper, Wool, Mohair, Viscose

Stop by DTK to see them for yourself. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.