Trendsetters Tuesday "Ten Percent" Tuesday!

As a young girl I used to see my next door neighbor walk in her garden at the end of the day. While she surveyed the fruits, vegetables and flowers her hands were nimbly working her crochet hook pulling the delicate yarn from the spool in her apron pocket. The pattern was in her mind. I was always curious to see what she was making. 

Knitters, like crocheters, and sewers are a curious group. We love patterns, color, putting our own mark on a project. From sweaters to shawls, dresses and skirts, styles and trends emerge and conversations begin. 

DTK'ers are curious to see what you are making and interested to have a conversation with you. Come into the shop on Tuesdays and  show off your completed work. As our gift to you, you will receive a 10% discount on your nest purchase !

We can't wait to see your creation and hear all of the details.