Knitting for Twins

We all love getting ready to take on a new projects. Weather we are knitting, sewing or crocheting the possibilities are endless. All the elements are there - picking out the pattern and materials, rising to the challenge of a new technique, imagining how it will look and finally the feeling of accomplishment as you hold it up giving yourself a pat on the back.  And then on to the next.....

But wait they're twins! 

   Carol Milld is a savvy grandmother who knows exactly how to keep projects fresh.  An avid knitter Carol has made afghans, sweaters and numerous other items for her little guys. In a recent conversation with Carol, she noted that she personalizes what she is knitting. For example, when Carol made the afghans she added a heart with each boy's initial to the design.  The recent sweaters she made, pictured here, were the same pattern but Carol chose complimentary  colors rather than the same color. By changing the color palette you are able to choose colors that will look nice on each as an individual.  Thinking  ahead is key. As the boys grow, Carol checks in with her daughter on their sizes, she's then able to forecast size coinciding with project completion. Regardless if you're knitting, sewing or crocheting for 2,3, or even 4 it need not be a challenge. Thinking of the individual and not the number makes all the difference.  


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