The Holidays at DownTown Knits


T'was weeks before Christmas and all through the store 
Customers were buying patterns galore
Looking at samples to sew and knit
And checking names off their Christmas list
Holiday music rang through the store as a lovely couple opened the door
Hand Knitted red sweaters and matching caps each wore 
Looking around they picked Cotton + Steel, 
Then went to the yarn for some lovely Flywheel
Hearing laughter they went over to see
A  group of women having tea
They were welcomed into the group as well
Joined in the fun and and had stories to tell
They had a fun day at DTK
And was so happy they stopped on their way
For it was Christmas and there was so much to do
But as they said goodbye and see you soon
There was something special about them we all knew
With packages in hand and a twinkle in their eyes 
They turned to Michele and said
Merry Christmas to all at  DownTown Knits