December 11, 2015

The Three Amigos

Just as you thought The Three Amigos is a movie but I cannot help but call three tools that will bring you from the beginning to the end of your knitting or crochet project by the same name. 

We all have our favorite tools and accessories. Each time we begin a project there they are lined up and center stage ready for action. It is as if no project can begin without them. And if we are really being honest here, which we are, we have multiple sets - one for each of our current projects.

In this case my Three Amigos are the Finger Row Counter, The Handi-Tool, and The Knit Blockers.

Finger Row CounterThe Finger Row Counter is a nifty tool that straps onto your finger. Lightweight, easy to wear and adjusts like a belt to your finger size. I like this item because it does not get in the way as you knit or crochet and for the ease of accessibility. You can keep track of each row just by a click and is just as easy to reset. No more looking for lost row counters on the floor or in the cushions! You can choose from a variety of colors including orange, pink, purple, gray, white and many more.

The Handi Tool is the second in my Three Amigos clan. Just as the Finger Row Counter begins the project this tool keeps me sane when I find a dropped stitch. This slim crochet hook is purposely made for picking up stitches. I like it because as I find a dropped stitch and bring it up through the ladders, I am not pulling the yarn out of shape nor am I stretching the stitches next to the dropped stitch. Easy to use and handle this item is another must.


Knit Blockers is the last but not the least of The Three Amigos. Aftercreating a project the blocking process begins. Trying to get the project to set correctly and take shape is time consuming. It can be frustrating as a sleeve is stubbornly rolling no matter what you do short of nailing it down with a hammer, (never a good idea)  But blocking is as much of an art as creating. Tension is the key when you are creating the project and so too is it in the blocking process. Recognizing this, Knit Blockers,developed by Nancy of Nancy Knit Knacks is easy to use and accurate in maintaining the tension and the integrity of the piece. As a result the project is shaped correctly with no hammer needed. As a bonus it is a time saver - giving me time to begin another project.

Now that I have shared my Three Amigos it is time to tell DownTown Knits your Three Amigos. Give us a shout out at and we will share your trade secrets with the rest of the DTK community.