Brioche 101 with Jacqueline Cieslak
Brioche 101 with Jacqueline Cieslak
Brioche 101 with Jacqueline Cieslak
Brioche 101 with Jacqueline Cieslak
Brioche 101 with Jacqueline Cieslak
Brioche 101 with Jacqueline Cieslak
Brioche 101 with Jacqueline Cieslak
Brioche 101 with Jacqueline Cieslak
Brioche 101 with Jacqueline Cieslak
Brioche 101 with Jacqueline Cieslak

Brioche 101 with Jacqueline Cieslak

DownTown Knits

$ 95.00

This and all classes at DownTown Knits have been postponed until further notice. We hope to reschedule Jacqui's visit with us for early 2021.
This skill-building class with designer and guest instructor Jacqueline Cieslak equips students to understand and work single-color brioche flat. Brioche — a loose 1x1 ribbing worked with yarn overs and slipped stitches — has become increasingly popular in the knitting world in the last few years because it is uniquely versatile for designers and fun and addicting for knitters. The class begins and ends with explanations and demonstrations to help students understand the anatomy of brioche fabric, beginning with single color brioche worked flat and ending with an overview of other types of brioche.
The hands-on portion of the class (which is most of it!) will walk students through the most common stitches in brioche knitting with a brand new headwrap pattern designed and written specifically for teaching. Students will begin working their headwrap under Jacqui's guidance and spend time in class practicing the basic stitches. Each student will also have the chance in groups of 2-3 to practice correcting common mistakes in brioche knitting with Jacqui. The class will end with instructions and a demonstration for blocking brioche.

Please note: during the 3-hour class, students will learn by beginning their own brioche headwrap. Some students will progress to working increases/decreases in brioche, but some may not — it is perfectly fine to use the time to simply familiarize yourself with straight brioche! Students should not expect to finish the headwrap itself during class.

Date: Saturday, July 11
Time: 2-5pm (1 session)
Skills needed:
- Knit and purl comfortably
- Know how to increase/decrease using k2tog and ssk

What you'll learn:
- The anatomy of brioche fabric
- How to work the two basic stitches for single-color brioche worked flat: brk and sl1yo
- How to work the most common increases/decreases in brioche: brk3tog, brsssk, and brkyobrk
- How to read a brioche chart
- How to fix simple mistakes in brioche
- Various methods for blocking brioche
- An overview of other kinds of brioche (two-color & worked in the round)
- Approx. 150 yards of DK weight wool/wool substitute yarn (I do not recommend using a synthetic or plant fiber for your first brioche project unless it has as much give as wool; I also do not recommend using a fingering weight and mohair held double for your first brioche project — save it for your second!)
- DPNS or 24" circular needles in US 4 (or size needed to obtain gauge)
- Pattern: “Water Born Headwrap” by Jacqueline Cieslak ($6 on Ravelry)

The pattern, the Water Born Headwrap, is a relatively simple design with options for 3 slightly different single-color brioche headwraps of increasing complexity. The pattern features 7 original video tutorials, including demonstrations of each of the stitches we will practice in class and instructions for finishing the headwrap on your own after class. The 3 options make this an ideal “first” brioche pattern, allowing you to begin with straight brioche stitch and work your way up to increasing and decreasing. In class, students will work either option A or B.
Preparation required:
There is quite a bit of preparation required for this class:
1) Using scrap/leftover dk/worsted weight wool (at least 10-15 yards) and US size 5 or 6 needles, cast on 21 stitches and work about an inch of 1x1 ribbing (k1, p1). Do not bind off; bring this swatch to class with the needles to continue working it.
2) Using any scrap yarn, cast on 21 stitches using a provisional crochet cast on. A video tutorial for working this cast on is available here.
3) This class will be much easier if you are familiar with k2tog and ssk decreases. If you cannot recall these decreases from memory, consider spending some time practicing them with scrap yarn before class.
Please check your calendar and read DownTown Knits Class Policies before signing up for class.